Antigua Casa de Guardia

The Old Winery Casa de Guardia is a winery that produces wines under the Denomination of Origin Malaga. Founded in 1840, it is the oldest winery in the province of Malaga attached to this appellation of origin.

The winery is located in the area of ​​Olías, east of the municipal area of ​​Malaga, in the surroundings of the Montes de Málaga, and has two vineyards in the payments of La Letria and El Romerillo. It produces wines with the varieties Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel de Alejandría, of the type Pajarete trasañejo, dulce trasañejo, Cream, dried anñejo and Noble, among others. It also has a presence in the city with the Old Tavern House Guard, located in the Alameda Principal, founded the same year as the winery and famous because the account is still made with chalk on the bar.

Direction: Carretera de Olías-Comares Km 2.2, 29197 Málaga (Málaga).
Telephone: 952 030714