Viñedo de la Capuchina

Type of visit:

Agreed visits that include visit to the vineyard, winery and wine tasting.

Since the Neolithic period, the testimonies of the most significant cultures of southern Spain have left their mark on the land of the property: cave paintings and lyrical workshop in the Sierra de La Carmona, Roman remains (Mauselo de la Capuchina) and important Arab settlements in its vicinity. The roots of La Capuchina farm as an agricultural holding are found in the remains of the Roman period and its location on the grounds of the estate (Roman villa of La Capuchina).

Already in modern times, in the memory of the house has been imprinted the influence of the religious order of the Capuchins. The Garcia Segura family has owned the farm since the beginning of the 80’s and has as its objective the implementation of the most modern farming techniques, with respect for the environment and without losing the values ​​of the agricultural tradition.

Direction: Cortijo la Capuchina. 29532. Mollina. Málaga. 
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